11 Ways to De-Clutter Your Mental Workspace

The research is clear, multitasking doesn’t work, yet we do it anyway. Parents worry about their children growing up in a buzzing, chirping, and otherwise media-interrupting world, but adults too are being swallowed up by distraction. In an attempt to get more done at once, we are becoming less productive. We are passively allowing our work and personal lives to be interrupted again and again with little to show for it. It’s time we put some real thought into how we manage the information flow in our lives. If you want to see better work habits in your children, you can start by taking care of your own. Here are some ways to clean up your mental clutter and improve your productivity. Continue reading

Adventures of the “Good Enough” Parent

Ann Rowe bio picThe vaccination/anti-vaccination debate highlights the challenge parents today face in determining what is best for their children. Parents on both sides of the vaccination debate hold strong feelings because they are trying their best to provide a good life for their children. Through history, every generation has faced a parenting challenge whether it was providing food for the table, immigrating to a new country, or finding a way to pay for college. Continue reading

Empathy: The Missing Ingredient

Right about now you may be putting some changes in action for 2015, perhaps renewing a gym membership, squaring away your finances, or getting that juicer you’ve been eyeing. If your New Year’s resolutions include a desire to improve communication with your kids, empathy is a good place to start. It takes skill, patience, and a lot of practice. Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Richard Saul? On the Existence of ADHD

ADHD Does Not ExistIn February of this year, behavioral neurologist Richard Saul, MD, proclaimed in the title of his book, ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. The publication launched a flurry of heated chatter regarding the legitimacy of the ADHD diagnosis, use and misuse of stimulant medications, and the culture at large that fertilized the seeds of the ADHD epidemic. A glance at the title suggests that Dr. Saul is challenging everything we ever believed to be true about ADHD, perhaps that there is even a problem at all. We and our children are just a bunch of entitled whiners looking for a magic bullet explanation and a shot of legalized speed. Or perhaps western society was duped by psychiatrists and their overlord, Big Pharma, manipulated into a state of learned helplessness and chemical addiction. Continue reading