Thinking Interdependently: What’s that have to do with Easter?

Habits of Mind, developed by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, are “characteristics that are employed by successful people when they are confronted with problems.” Developing these 16 traits or skills can be particularly challenging for people with learning disabilities.

In my last blog post, I explored the habit of persisting. With the approach of Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day and other springtime occasions when families and friends gather together, I thought I would present the habit of thinking interdependently. Continue reading

The Nuts and Bolts of Persistence

Ann Rowe bio picAs Dr. Chobot, Kingsbury CEO and Head of School, indicated in a recent post, persistence is an important quality, or Habit of Mind, for effective individuals in academics and work life. In addition, it helps with parenting, pursuing a sport and other activities of daily life. She noted, not surprisingly, that individuals with learning challenges often struggle with persistence. Continue reading

Helping High School Seniors Cope with College Rejection

It’s a time of anticipation for high school seniors everywhere. With the support of their parents, they have toiled over ways to jam the essence of their lives into a single page statement, visited schools, imagined themselves as college students, and walked through the gauntlet that is standardized testing. For some, the anticipation is nothing more than a waiting game; nothing to worry about. For others, it seems as though their entire lives are held to an appraisal of pass or fail, accepted or denied. Continue reading