Persistence is a Challenge for Learning Disabled Individuals

Dr. Peri-Anne Chobot

Dr. Peri-Anne Chobot

Habits of Mind, developed by Arthur L. Costs and Bena Kallick, are “characteristics that are employed by successful people when they are confronted with problems.” They identify problem-solving, life-related skills that are necessary to effectively operate in society. Published in 2009, Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind continue to provide an effective means to promote strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity and craftsmanship. Continue reading

Adventures of the “Good Enough” Parent

Ann Rowe bio picThe vaccination/anti-vaccination debate highlights the challenge parents today face in determining what is best for their children. Parents on both sides of the vaccination debate hold strong feelings because they are trying their best to provide a good life for their children. Through history, every generation has faced a parenting challenge whether it was providing food for the table, immigrating to a new country, or finding a way to pay for college. Continue reading

How DNA Influences Your Child On Valentine’s Day

Amidst the rush to find socks and complete homework and mediate arguments, you might pause as Valentine’s Day approaches to wonder: “Will this child I love ever have a special someone in his or her life?” It may seem distant from the morning’s discussion of why ketchup is or is not a vegetable, but in your mutual future you know it is coming: crushes, romance begun and ended via text, and that sweet smile you love, directed at someone else. But how does that first connection even occur, and why does it come so easily for some, but not for others? Continue reading

Now Hear This! Learning to Listen to Your Child

In our modern world, we are constantly bombarded by electronic communication. Even our cars talk to us. Our kids are plugged in and tuned out. And, let’s admit that we parents are sometimes so frazzled and stressed, that we may, occasionally, tune out our children. So how can we really connect with our kids? Let’s get back to the basics of listening. Continue reading